About the BdP
The BdP is an inter-denominational merged Association and partner in the RDP (Union of German Girl Guide Associations) as well as the RdP (Union of German Scout Associations).

Our Association is open to all girls and boys, whereas girls are member of WAGGGS and boys of WOSM. It has teams of male and female leaders at all levels, and local groups have the right to decide whether they wish to work in mixed or in separate groupings. Girls and boys can take part in activities from the age of 7 years.

In the youngest section, from 7 to 11 years, they are called „Wölflinge“ (Cubs/Brownies). Playing is the focus of their activities, and in their weekly meeting or at camps, there is never a dull moment for them.

Many interests are covered in the Guide/Scout section from 12 to 16 years. Hikes, travelling, and camps are introduced as major outdoor activities for this age group. In the „Sippe“ (patrol), the small unit in the Scout/Guide section (Pfadfinderstufe), young people are encouraged to develop their independence and self-reliance.

Those over 16 years, in the Ranger/Rover section, are widely self-supporting in their activities. They look beyond the realm of the group, and are active in caring for the environment and the community.

Adults find their place in BdP as leaders, in lobby groups, as sponsors or specialists who help the group out on special occasions.

Activities help to acquire technical, physical, musical, social, and spiritual abilities; help to develop an individual personality and gain self-confidence; facilitate living and problem solving in a group; strengthen the ability to take over responsibility, political awareness, openness and creativity; and heighten awareness of the environment and one´s own community.

As Guides and Scouts, we are active in projects for our society and the environment.

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